Comics can audition every second and fourth Saturday of the Month at our workshop...
Auditions for Comics on the Spot are every second and fourth Saturday of the month from 2 to 5pm at The Spot Cafe and Lounge, 4455 Overland Ave., Culver City, 90230.

Hopefully, below are the answers to all your FAQ's. . . .

Q.  What is involved in the audition?
A.  The audition is pretty much your whole act.  If you are using notes, however, or if you do not have a solid ten-minute act, you may as well not audition.  This is NOT an open-mic.  People are paying to see comedy.  We expect you to have a set routine.  That's not to say every joke has to kill, mind you, but you need to know your material and have a complete act. 

Q.  May we use vulgarity/foul language, or is this a family-oriented show?
A.  If in your act you have the occasional swear word because it adds to the joke, fine.  But if you go off on a five-minute rant on vaginas and penises or spout on a hundred and one ways to have sex with kitchen utensils, no.  Swearing and crude jokes should be treated like seasoning in a recipe:  enough to add flavor, but it's not the friggin' main course.

Q.  Is this a bringer show?
A.  No.  We do not mandate any comedian bring people to the show.  That is strictly voluntary if you want family and/or friends to come and support you.  However, (See next question) . . . .

Q.  Is this a paying gig?
A.  Yes.  If you bring more than two persons, any additional people you bring, you get the money at the end of the night.  That is to say, if you bring 6 people, we collect for the first two admissions, and you get paid for the remaining 4. 

Q.  If I make the audition but bomb the first night I go up, do I have to audition all over again?
A.  No.  Once you make the cut, you will never have to audition again.  We know that a routine can kill one night and the same routine not go off that well another night.  Once you're on board, you're there for the whole ride as long as this venue plays.

Q.  How long do I have to wait before I can perform again?
A.  Minimum, a couple months.  We have nearly 250 comedians in our database and must take them in turn.  You will be contacted when the time comes to perform again.

Q.  How much time on stage do I get?
A.  There will be 6 comedians with, as stated before, ten minutes each.  However, if you are bombing, you may get the light early.  If so, respect the light.  It is NOT respecting the light that will be the reason you may not get asked back.

Q.  May we videotape our performance?
A.  Yes.  If you bring your own camera, and as long as it does not block the view of anyone watching the show, you may videotape YOUR performance only.  Please respect other comedians who may not want their set taped unless you get their permission.

Q.  What is the parking situation at the restaurant?
A.  Valet parking at the restaurant is $2.75. 

Q.  Do you have a website I can go to for further information?
A.  Yes.  You can find us at  However, if you are interested in auditioning, simply write us at with your contact information or become a friend on our Facebook account, so we can reach you with audition dates.

Q.  If I want to tell my friends about this place, what do you have to offer to give them a reason for going?
A.  Admission is only $5.  There is NO two-drink minimum and no requirement to buy dinner.  Ideally, everyone who comes wants to simply enjoy an evening of entertainment at a slight cost.  If they choose to drink and/or eat while at The Warehouse, they are certainly welcome to.  It is a fine establishment with a pleasant view of the water.  Discounts on admission will be offered to groups of 5 to 9, and even more discounts for groups of 10 or more.

Q.  May I request where in the line-up I wish to perform?
A.  No.  Once you have a designated night to perform, each comedian will be drawn from a hat and that will be the order of the line-up.  You must be prepared to stay the full two hours.  If you show up and say you have to be somewhere else at a certain time, tough luck.  Not only will you not get your wish, but the chances of being asked back and about nil.

Q.  Why is your place of comedy any better than somewhere else?
A.  It is NOT.  We are neither better, nor worse -- fingers crossed -- than any other comedic venue.  We are only one more venue in a long succession of venues in the greater L.A. area.  We encourage all comedians to continue to support and patronize other places of comedy.  There can never be enough laughter in this world.  All we want is to offer one more place that comedians can exercise their muscle to solicit laughs in a time when laughs are most needed.

If you have questions unanswered above, by all means write us.